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We’ve developed Peak Flow, a mobile application that offers personalized well-being based on breathing for your goals. Enhance performance, reduce stress, optimize sleep, conquer altitudes, and overcome asthma.



Shopery, our successful partner from Spain, is an innovative SaaS marketplace that provides comprehensive solutions for B2B and B2C markets. We collaborate closely with them through our dedicated teams, with an exclusive team under the supervision of our PM (Project Manager) and tech leader.



We developed a customized solution, both web and mobile, for a logistics company that allows coordinating more than 200 drivers and tracking their real-time location.



Sysneo, our valuable client, entrusted us with the development of their EdTech platform. We provide a robust model for virtual education and the necessary tools to achieve exceptional educational experiences.


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What client say about working with Hit Ocean
Hitocean provides a reliable technology solution for managing a company’s operations and empowering their resources. Their seamless integration with the company led to exceptional results delivered on time and with high quality. A dependable choice for a technology contractor.

I recently worked with Hitocean on a product development project and I’m impressed with their work. The team was incredibly helpful in guiding us through the discovery process and creating our first MVP. They did exactly what they said they would do and they found solutions to challenges that arose.
Hitocean provided excellent custom software development for our mobile app, helping us to meet our needs and launch timeline successfully. Their quality of work and solutions were top-notch and I highly recommend them for custom software development needs.


Finding paddle tennis courts near you is usually difficult.

With Mi-Padel we have builded a booking platform that works with its own management system for paddle tennis court’s providers. By doing this the app helps the players to make reservations and providers to easily get booked their free times.